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Recitation - a unique Bengali performing artform, is part of the cultural ethos from time immemorial. Rabindranath, Nazrul, Sukanto, Jibanando, Joy Goswami.... many famous poets of modern times - their poems are classic, contemporary and eternal in their expressions and subjects..... but poems remain on paper, the expressions remainins in the black texts, never fully comes to life until one recites them extracting the inner juices of the expressions and render them meaningful.... the magic happens when the reciter utters the right cord connecting the deep life meanings written down by the poet.

Manjari in her own rendition, following the Amitabha ... gharana spell bounding the audience with her skill of recitation. Bringing the inner meanings to life and connects the audience with her magical touch - modulations creates dramatic ambiance.... one should experience her recitation to understand the art and enjoy the ethnic art form born in the lands of Bengal.

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