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Our Courses

General Terms & Conditions

1. Classes will be held once a week for each student.
2. Classes will be held online mode only.
3. Internet and/or Broadband connection/s is/are must to attend any session/s.
4. Required details are to be furnished properly in admission form (Parents details can be accepted in case of Minor).
5. Rehearsals would be taken weekly twice or thrice if required.
6. Students are required to be punctual in his / her class.
7. Student is required to give prior intimation for his/her absence (except emergency/ies)
8.  Fees to be paid in advance.
9.Course material can not be shared with anybody other the student.
10.Student details shall not be shared to anybody by the ShrutiManjari, except any statutory requirements, if any.
11.Event participation fees shall be extra, shall be intimated at the time of production.
12. Student must seek permission for participating in public events related to recitation, shrutinatok and poetry reading.
13. Student should follow the rules and regulations set by the Academy.
14. The Academy reserves the right to cancel the registration of a student as a disciplinary measure.

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