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A powerful rendition of a poem can touch your heart...

Abritti or recitation is a form of art. A powerful rendition of a poem can touch your heart, fill you with different emotions based on the way of its recitation. A simple recitation of Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna can be good to listen to, but a powerful recitation of the same poem can give you goosebumps. Kavita Abritti is an ancient art form of Bengal, and it makes the difference in the way you recite any poetry. You use your voice modulation and expression to invoke different kinds of emotions in your audience. Your audience can feel the words and it's inner meaning with the help of your voice. I have personally got the privilege of listening to Manjari's recitation or as we call it, Abriti many times. And I have felt my heart flowing with the words every time. It seems like I am on a journey with the story within the poem she is reciting. Being from Bengal, I have heard many other Abritti from different people, but her talent is way better than anyone I have heard. The only other recitation I liked more than her was Ya Devi from Birendra Krishna Bhadra, the one I listen to on Mahalaya every year. I am not comparing her with him, but after his voice, the only voice that I liked reciting poems is Manjari's voice. When I came to know about this initiative, I was glad that now there is a chance for probashi Bengali people in Mumbai to learn this form of art from someone who has a real gift. It is not easy to get someone like her outside Bengal for our kids. This is a great opportunity for not just people from Bengal living in Mumbai, but for anyone who wants their kids to learn this art of recitation.

All the best for this initiative to spread your talented gift to the kids!

Binay Kumar Pandey

Mumbai, India

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