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What are the #benefits of #children reading poetry?

Effective #communication truly connects minds. How to communicate is very much essential for Children and for Adults.

To become a master in communication and #PerformingArt (Bengali Recitation and ShrutiNatok) join #ShrutiManjari.

Gift your child this unique Platform of ShrutiManjari. Let them filled with #pride when they have #mastered a lengthy poem.

What are the #benefits of #children reading poetry?

1. It helps with spellings.

2. Speech development improves.

3. Reading becomes more fluent.

4. It allows children to develop their own opinions.

5. Help them to become Leader.

6. It inspires creativity.

7. It helps develop interpretation skills.

8. It encourages a wide vocabulary and varied grammar.

9. It helps children understand their emotions.

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