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Online Bengali Recitation for Bengali Diaspora

If you’re passionate about #Bengali #recitation and want to avoid the summer heat, rain, and traffic of your city, #Shrutimanjari is an excellent choice. It’s an award-winning #online platform that offers courses in Bengali recitation, #language, and Shrutinatok.

Here’s what you can expect:

Bengali Recitation Courses: Improve your diction, inflection, accentuation, elocution, and more. Explore courses for Abritti, Bengali language, poetry therapy, and Shrutinatok.

#Awards and Recognitions: Shrutimanjari has received accolades, including the Best Online Education Programme of the Year. Their students have excelled, becoming Shishu Shilpi on Akashvani

(All India Radio) and winning awards from Sarbobharatiya Sangeet o Sanskriti Parishad.

Physical and Personal Development: Poetry recitation enhances phonemic awareness, language understanding, and writing skills. It also boosts public speaking abilities.

About Shrutimanjari: Founded by Manjari, it’s an international academy that provides both learning and performance opportunities. Their unique techniques contribute to children’s physical development.

To explore further, visit the Shrutimanjari website and give wings to your passion for Bengali recitation!

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